Pranks + Facebook Marketing = Glorious Results

My friends and I have started a tradition of pulling pranks on each other for special occasions over the last few years. It started with a few fun photoshopped pictures posted randomly on their Facebook page and has escalated into creating fake businesses and social media presences for them. Here are a few to note: […]

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Quick Win Tips for Improving Your SEO: Image Optimization

If you are trying to improve both your traffic and leads from your website in 2016, deciding where to begin can be difficult. There’s only so much you can do in a day and making the most effective changes is key. If you’ve gravitated toward SEO tactics, I applaud you. To help get you started in […]

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Should I try to rank for my competitor’s branded keywords?

Should I try to rank for my competitor’s branded keywords? Keyword research is one of the most important steps in the SEO process and can ultimately generate relevant traffic that will increase your business. One way many companies try to increase business is to target a competitor’s branded terms. For example, you could try and […]

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How to tell where you really rank for terms on Google

Recently, I’ve encountered this question when talking to prospective clients: “How do I really tell where I rank for terms on Google. When I do a Google search, we seem to be ranking okay for search engine terms.” It’s critical to understand that what you search for is personalized by Google based off of your […]

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Google Adwords and SEO – The correlations that lead to success

I started learning/ doing SEO in 2007 while in graduate school. I immersed myself in the various concepts and saw how it affected traffic for various websites that I created and for clients. I started experimenting with Google AdWords in 2009 because I was curious. I had seen how AdWords campaigns had affected traffic for […]

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Viewing the history of the internet

I wanted to write a quick blog post about one of my favorite all time websites:  It’s commonly referred to as the “Way Back Machine.”  What’s so interesting about this website?  You can view the history of any website out on the web all the way back to the late 90’s.  With some skillful […]

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You got Googled

By now you’ve probably Googled your name.  If you haven’t, you should.  Why?  Because other people are.  Who is Googling you?   It could be any of the following: Business colleagues Crazy ex’s Your clients Future employers People looking to network Recruiters Your homecoming date from freshman year (which could qualify as crazy ex too) Some […]

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How to measure a successful SEO campaign

When meeting with a prospective client last week, I was asked this question: How do you measure success in a SEO campaign? It’s a great question. This particular client had been working with a SEO company on the West Coast.  It’s common practice to be shown or sent large extensive reports on all aspects of […]

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SEO and Google Analytics

One of the first questions I ask my prospective clients is if they have Google Analytics installed on their website. I’ll often take a peek as part of the free SEO assessment I provide. What’s Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a website statistics program provided by Google. Introduced in 2006, it provides data about visitors […]

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In SEO and site size

When I started learning SEO years ago, one of the first things that I did was learn to generate and submit the xml sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s still one of the first things that I do when working on a new website. However, in working with medium to large size websites, I’ve […]

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Learn from Progressive’s Flo and think about SEO

Everyone has commercials they love and hate.  A series of commercials that drove me nuts were the ones for Progressive’s Flo.  It felt like they were on all the time.   In June of last year,  I decided to do some keyword research on Progressive’s spokesperson.  I discovered that there were very high monthly keyword […]

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FlashForward TV Show Application

Today had an article about a new flash web site that promotes a new ABC TV show called FlashFoward.  Upon visiting the web site, you are asked to use Facebook Connect.  The application then pulls your data (images, current status, relationship)  and your friend data from facebook and compiles a unique movie with your […]

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Custom Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook seems to change every single day. Lately I’ve turned my attention to the relatively new facebook fan pages. The facebook fan page is definitely the way to go if you have a business and need a presence on facebook for several reasons. Lately I’ve been experimenting with designing custom facebook fan pages. My inspiration […]

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Does the Youtube Wedding Dance Video help Chris Brown?

Yesterday I saw a tweet about this awesome youtube wedding dance video (watch it below). Yesterday afternoon it had about 300,000 views; today and it had over a million and the couple was on the Today Show. It’s amazing the power of the internet and the viral video. Ironically enough, I think the person who […]

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Busy Busy

I’ve been so busy lately but I wanted to pass along an update. I had a pretty productive weekend and am working on building a number of web sites for myself. They are all experiments in SEO. Here’s a list of them: – formerly Bowling Green Ohio Hotels They are […]

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