Our approach and philosophy

Our* approach to search engine optimization or any project is very transparent and customized. We establish goals for any campaign that I start. The strategy and action items are focused on achieving these goals. The process is very collaborative, as we are talking to clients on a weekly basis to inform them of where we are at with action items, strategy and results.

Each SEO campaign is customized to meet the goals of my clients. We don’t use a cookie cutter approach.

Key Metrics of Success

Success of an SEO campaign is shown by increasing four key metrics:

  1. Overall traffic to the website
  2. Traffic from search engines
  3. Keyword positions
  4. Incoming sales or inquiries (integrated into Google Analytics via goal tracking)

Tools used to show results

We’re constantly working to show value with what we are doing. This is usually demonstrated through Google Analytics and positions of keywords (in SEO). We include a training session for how to read Google Analytics in each campaign. You are making an investment in your website and you should understand how it’s helping your business.

You can see these results through some of our SEO case studies. We take the same approach with any website redesign, social media or pay per click campaign we implement.

*John Sammon started Sixth City Marketing, an online marketing agency specializing in SEO and PPC in 2010

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