Google Adwords and SEO – The correlations that lead to success

I starteGoogle AdWords and SEOd learning/ doing SEO in 2007 while in graduate school. I immersed myself in the various concepts and saw how it affected traffic for various websites that I created and for clients. I started experimenting with Google AdWords in 2009 because I was curious. I had seen how AdWords campaigns had affected traffic for clients of the various ad agencies that I had worked for. I wanted to know more though. I started to read more about it and eventually signed up for the Google Engauge program.

Learning Adwords changed my SEO approach/ strategy

The philosophies that I learned by doing PPC impacted the way I approached SEO. In Adwords or PPC, it’s critical to drive people to relevant pages and have a call to action. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to in the past who’ve set up PPC campaigns that just drive people to their homepage.

You are paying per click and you don’t want to waste your money. Having the conversion (either via phone or online form) is critical to success. I applied this strategy to the way I set up SEO campaigns, so my SEO strategies/ approach can actually benefit your PPC campaign. I’m seeing this benefit with a client I’m currently working with. We were brought in for SEO, however, he asked me to review his PPC or AdWords structure. The first month of SEO work that we did has helped his click through rate and conversion rate.

In summary, if you do SEO the right way, your AdWords could benefit in several ways. These ways include:

  • Decreasing cost per click
  • Increasing click through rate
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Increasing ad position

As always, there are many things you can deduce from Analytics that will give you good feedback on your campaign. I’ll try to elaborate on both analytics in AdWords and SEO and AdWords in future blog posts.

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My name is John Sammon and I have a passion for web site design and internet marketing.

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