Quick Win Tips for Improving Your SEO: Image Optimization

If you are trying to improve both your traffic and leads from your website in 2016, deciding where to begin can be difficult. There’s only so much you can do in a day and making the most effective changes is key.

If you’ve gravitated toward SEO tactics, I applaud you. To help get you started in this area, here are a few places to review/ start making changes:


I recommend optimizing both the title and alt attributes for the image. These are attributes used by people using screen reader technology to view web pages. However, search engines also view these attributes in order to understand what the image is. Most people will recommend just filling out the alt tag but I see better results when you fill in both the title and attribute tag. The code will look like this:

<img src="john.jpg" alt="John Sammon Description" title="A picture of John Sammon">

It’s fairly easy to optimize your images for search depending upon your content management system.

I’ll show you an example using WordPress. If you place an image into a page in a WordPress site while on the “Visual” tab, click on the image and then click the edit button (pencil icon) see screen shot below:

Optimizing images for search engines in WordPress

From there, you can edit the attributes for the image. You can see what I’ve placed in the specific fields in the screen shot below:

Image optimization - SEO

The image alt and title atributes will be “The Dude enjoys a strong white russian.” You can see this in Firefox by mousing over the image and leaving your cursor over it for a second. The title attribute will appear over the image.

What to Write

If you haven’t done keyword research and established a keyword list, I would recommend adding text that best describes the image relevant to the page that it’s on. Please avoid trying to stuff keywords into alt and title descriptions. Please also make sure that your descriptions are unique and are not the same as other images across your website.

Google often displays images in the SERP listing and they can be great ways to draw traffic to your website. If you have a site that features products or your portfolio of images, be sure to optimize them.

As you can see, optimizing your images can be a simple but very important step to take in order to improve traffic from search engines.

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My name is John Sammon and I have a passion for web site design and internet marketing.

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